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Organic Wheelie Bin

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The new age of Plant and Organic Waste Management is here

Local Governments all over Australia now face a new challenge. Increased minimization of landfill by way of disposal and management of reusable plant and organic matter. The Bio-organics MGB or MBB (Mobile Bio-organics Bin) has been designed to help containment of Organic and Plant Waste, whilst assisting the composting cycle in the process.

 Organic Wheelie Bin

Quality Attributes

  • a raised floor insert is fitted to the bottom of the bin, which promotes air circulation beneath the biological matter and enhances biological waste decomposition within the bin. The raised floor also allows moisture to evaporate faster, keeping odour levels down. Suitable for use in new bin manufacturing and as replacement lid for existing bins
  • the raised floor insert is fastened with a plastic locking pin, fitted externally. Manufactured from UV stabilized polyethylene resin.
  • lower vents fitted approximately 180mm from the bottom of the bin on either side of the Mobile Bio-organic Bin allow outside air to enter the air chamber beneath the raised floor insert and promote air contact with the organic matter further enhancing decomposition.
  • decomposition of Plant and Organic matter produces quantities of gaseous evaporative emissions, which exit the bin via the under lip side vents and the lid evaporation vent.
  • the Mobile Bio-organic Bin system is a componentry system that can be fitted to most any Din-Standard Bin in production.
  • to enhance the entire composting cycle, we recommend that in some local climates that a 'black'' 'Mobile Bio-organic' Bin be considered for use with 'Mobile Bio-organic' Bin System. This is due to the approximate 5 degree celsius temperature increase optimizing composting of biological matter whilst contained in the 'Mobile Bio-organic' Bin.