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Accessories and Parts

Turbo Lids

Turbo LidsGC Sales stocks Turbo Lids in various colours and sizes.



Locking Poles and Wall Brackets

Locking PolesLocking Poles secure your bin where you want it and reduce theft. Locking Poles reduce Bin lid opening which prevents disposal of oversized waste and access to birds and other animals.

Locking Poles are available in single and double for 120-litre and 240-litre MGBs. Wall mounted locking stands also available

Where a large litter container, able to be cleared by a domestic refuse truck is desired a 120 or 240litre Mobile Garbage bin may be used. In such a case it is desirable to secure the wheely bin to prevent theft or re-location at the same time allowing access by the contractor to empty the bin quickly and easily.


Litter Top

Flip Top BinLitter Tops are available for 120-litre and 240-litre, with or without flaps. Litter Tops keep the rubbish in, scavenging animals out and are fully rain proof. Litter Tops can be retrofitted to existing bins

Slotted Lockable Lids

Slotted Lock Lid 4This secure lockable bin lid is suitable for document disposal of a high profile or executive nature. Custom locking key codes are available; a single key fits all your bins. Slotted Lockable Lids are suitable for Hot Stamping





Hot Stamping

Hot StampingGC Sales also offers a full hot stamping service for bins and lids of all sizes. From logos, names and serial numbers, through to ‘hot-stamped’ usage and contents guides, GC Sales full integrated hot stamping service provides and economical, attractive and permanent alternative to stickers and labels.


Bin Lifters

Bin LifterWe have available a range of bin lifters from the 240V Electro Hydraulic, AC Battery Portable Option down to the Gas assist Lifter. Whatever the job, our range of lifters will suit your needs





Rossetted Lids

Rossetted Lids are ideal for controlled recycling such as public events and minimize contamination and post sorting of recyclables. The lids can be retrofitted to existing bins, are available in a range of colours and are designed to accommodate most common sized recyclables

rossetted lids rossetted lids

Bin Liner Bags

A range of plastic Bin Liner Bags are available in various sizes to suit your bin.

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Doggie Bins

Doggie BinDoggie Bins provide a safe and clean solution to the problem of dog faeces.

It can be placed at the entrance to parks, beaches and other public areas frequented by dogs.

The front or rear mounted Bag dispenser provides a collection bag for the pick up of dog faeces. Inside is a separate steel liner, which accepts the bag and contents in a vermin proof container until is collected and cleaned.

Foot Pedals

Foot Pedal BinThe Foot Pedal is available for 120-litre and 240-litre. It is easy to fit and remove and allows for simple hands free opening of bin lids

Spare Parts

Wheelie Bin Parts

GC Sales stocks all spare parts for their variety of bins. For further information please contact us.

  • Axles
  • Wheels
  • Lids
  • Assorted Hinge Pins

Bin Kill

Bin KillBinKill kills flies where they breed, INSIDE YOUR WHEELIE BIN! It’s a simple economical way to significantly reduce the number of flies around your home


Safety Steps

Safety StepSafety-T-step ensure you can safely reach high places. Proven performers in hard traffic areas such as supermarkets, libraries and offices




Utility Tool Boxes

Utility Tool BoxThe robust, weather proof tool box are available on 3 sizes and designed to fit in the back of your ute under tonneau cover. Features two swing down metal handles for easy carrying