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660L Bin


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660L Commercial Bin

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Features Include

  • for heavy duty use
  • big cone shaped bodies that allow good filling, complete emptying and problem free cleaning
  • fitted with heavy duty casters and solid rubber tyre wheels
  • foot brakes on two wheels
  • plenty of hand grips and handles to assist in maneuvering

Standard Features

  • heavy duty design
  • easily maneuvered, lifted and emptied
  • injection moulded from high molecular weight, virgin High Density Polyethylene (HPDE)
  • added UV stabilizers
  • extremly heat, cold and chemical resistant
  • made to the highest international standards (with particular emphasis on the German standard EN 840)

 660L Bin

660L Bin Lid





A:  1215 mm

B:  1135 mm

C:  1340 mm

D:  860 mm

E: 4900 mm

F:  200 mm


660L Wheelie Bin Dimensions

Colour Chart

Colour Chart

360L colour Chart