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240L Seconds Bin


 Factory Over Runs

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What are the differences between Factory Over Runs and New Bins?

  • Cheaper than New, but still a new Bin
  • No Choice of colour available.
  • May have a Council or Company name 'hot stamped' on the bin and/or lid. We are required to grind the stamp off as it leaves the warehouse.
  • May have a small colour run (different Bin colour) in the Bin.

240 Litre Wheelie Bin






Weight: 15.5kg


A:  1070 mm

B:  740 mm

C: 570 mm

D:  535 mm

E:  995 mm

F:  550 mm

240L Dimensions

Colour Chart

 Please check with us for our available colours. Colours vary due to current stock